Airway dentistry is at the heart of all that VIA Health Group does in Canton, Ohio. We provide dental solutions to support a healthy airway. When the flow of air is impeded while you sleep, it can lead to all sorts of problems – from chronic fatigue to high blood pressure. The health and function of your airway may also be at the root of myriad other issues, such as jaw pain, migraines, and other TMJ symptoms. Armed with advanced analysis, we can pinpoint the source of your troubles, which informs effective treatments to restore healthy breathing, rejuvenating sleep, and a dramatically improved quality of life.

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3 Patients Who Didn’t Know Their Dental Problems Were Caused By Sleep Apnea

“I told her we could straighten her teeth, but the question was, why is this happening in the first place?” Dr. DannerSleep apnea was shifting her teethA young lady came to me because she wasn’t pleased with how her smile was changing. She had braces as a child and her teeth generally looked straight, but

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Dentist Uncovers A Hidden Medical Condition With A Simple “Sleepiness” Tool

“His wife was totally shocked. She had no idea that her husband was that tired.”Do you feel tired often? Are you sleepy during the day? Do you struggle with fatigue? Those are the kind of questions I recently asked a young mom who came in to see me about a dental problem. She reported feeling

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How Can Dentists Treat Ringing In The Ears?

Did you know that modern dentistry can treat ringing in your ears?Dr. Danner has been using oral appliances to help patients address ringing in their ears for years. Dr. Danner’s oral appliances can also help treat associated sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea.In the article below, you can learn about how Dr. Danner uses dental

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Ohio Airway Dentist Explains The Link Between Tooth Grinding And Sleep Apnea

At A Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation For Her Teenage Daughter In Canton, Ohio, A Mother Made A Startling Discovery.Although she wasn’t even supposed to be the patient that day, it would turn out to be her life that changed forever. The cosmetic dentist happened to be Dr. Jeff Danner, a certified provider of craniofacial sleep medicine.

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Consult To Fix Crooked Teeth Leads To Life-saving Discovery

“The ideal treatment is to give her the smile she wants while also giving her the airway she needs.” – Dr. DannerA young mom came to see me because she hated her smile. She was embarrassed to smile. And she often covered her mouth when laughing. She was tired of it and wanted to make