Poor, irregular sleep may be to blame for chronic headaches, severe migraines.

Frequent episodes of headaches and migraines are associated with sleep apnea. It is very much a “chicken or egg” question – did the headache come first, or the sleep disorder (like apnea)? At VIA Health Group in Canton, Ohio, we are skilled at getting to the bottom of your concerns. Dr. Jeff Danner is an accomplished authority on craniofacial sleep medicine. His understanding of the root cause of these symptoms is applied not only to relieve or improve the frequency and severity of headaches and other complaints but to resolve themat the source. 

A deeper dive into chronic headaches and other symptoms 

During a thorough evaluation, we will accurately assess the relationship between an aching head and disordered breathing during sleep. Headaches, migraines, and sleep apnea associations are not limited to the following:

  • An inability to get sufficient, uninterrupted ZZZs can actually trigger a throbbing head.
  • A throbbing headache can also interfere with rest, leading to sleep disorders such as chronic insomnia if these headaches are frequent and severe. 
  • Sleep apnea, a blockage of the airway when at rest that leads to interrupted breathing, is often accompanied by bruxism or teeth grinding. Chronic bruxism itself may cause head-related pain or pain in other areas of the face (such as the temporomandibular joints that connect the skull to the jaw).
  • Morning headaches or headaches upon wakening are common symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

Chronic migraines or headaches may be rooted in sleep apnea. We can rule out other conditions and provide an accurate diagnosis. From there, we may determine that you are well-suited for oral appliance therapy using the innovative Vivos® method. This approach to oral devices for snoring and sleep apnea resolves the underlying condition. So, it provides a fast and hassle-free way to get lasting relief and sustain your health and quality of life. 

Still, other visitors to this website may have been diagnosed with sleep apnea but are struggling to adapt to CPAP therapy. Here, too, patients may be great candidates for non-invasive, comfortable, and temporary Vivos® treatment. Start the process today. Call (330) 915-3390 to schedule an appointment at VIA Health Group in Canton, OH. Restful, healthy sleep and relief from painful, recurrent headaches is right around the corner!

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Dr. Jeff Danner
Dr. Jeff Danner is a qualified dentist and certified craniofacial sleep medicine provider who has years of experience successfully treating children and adults with sleep breathing disorders, TMJ problems, facial pain and more. Patients of all ages from around the world value Dr. Danner’s expertise in providing comprehensive solutions for airway problems, sleep disorders, facial and jaw pain, headaches, and more using effective, FDA-approved modern treatments that can improve sleep quality and quality of life.