Losing sleep over  Sleep Apnea?

VIA Health Group is at your service!

Dr. Jeff Danner

Dr. Jeff Danner and the team at VIA Health Group in Canton, Ohio offer a host of solutions for obstructive sleep apnea and related problems. Worry no more about your condition; seek our help.

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Daytime fatigue

Frequent headaches

Facial soreness

Depression and anxiety


Wearing and cracking of teeth due to bruxism

Other dental problems


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Reduces quality of life

Untreated sleep apnea can lead to problems in other organs, including heart disease and Alzheimer’s


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Evaluate, diagnose (using 3-D CBCT scans of jaws, intra-oral digital scans of mouth and teeth, and sleep studies), and treat apnea and related conditions

Offer oral appliances and other sophisticated therapies



Do you seek relief from sleep apnea and other related disorders in Canton, Ohio?