Consult To Fix Crooked Teeth Leads To Life-saving Discovery

As experts in craniofacial health, VIA Health Group in Canton, Ohio, truly views your teeth and mouth as a sum of its parts. Patients may visit us over concerns about how a particular crooked tooth (or crooked teeth) look. However, we may find much more at work beneath the surface, potentially causing a tooth to jut out too much or crowd its neighbors. Our thorough and advanced evaluation techniques may find that misalignment is rooted in a poor tongue posture caused by a constricted airway. Likely, such a patient has other problems, including persistent daytime fatigue, earaches, and headaches. After all, everything is interconnected! So, yes, with our knowledge of airway dentistry and oral appliance therapy, we can fix an uneven smile and so much more …

“The ideal treatment is to give her the smile she wants while also giving her the airway she needs.” – Dr. Danner

A young mom came to see me because she hated her smile. She was embarrassed to smile. And she often covered her mouth when laughing. She was tired of it and wanted to make a change.

Before her appointment, she had sent me a picture to analyze. And I could immediately see from the picture that she had a few front teeth out of place and a pretty narrow smile overall. Once she arrived for her appointment, I was able to take a closer look.

Her Front Tooth Jetted Out And It Bothered Her

Her right front tooth was sticking way out. Which made her left front tooth look like it was more out of place than it actually was. And because that right front tooth was sticking far out, it looked abnormally white and big. That single right front tooth was the one that really bothered her.

She asked me if the treatment to fix that one tooth would be a simple orthodontic change. And my answer was, yes and no. 

It Wouldn’t Fix The Real Problem

I told her, yes, we can easily change that one tooth. We can move it a little, remove some enamel and straighten up your front teeth, but here’s the issue. You would still have a very narrow / compact smile. And that’s a problem. So the main question was, why do you have such a narrow smile in the first place?


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