Diabetes and Sleep Apnea

Put concerns about poor blood sugar control to rest; manage diabetes by getting to the root of sleep apnea.

The relationship between diabetes and sleep apnea is well-documented. The stress that the cycle of interrupted breathing and constant reawakening throughout the night places on our organs is considerable. This process puts patients with sleep apnea at increased risk of developing systemic conditions, ranging from poor blood sugar control and Type 2 diabetes to heart disease and stroke. Yet, people with diabetes are rarely questioned about the quality of their sleep or the presence of related symptoms such as snoring, daytime sleepiness, persistent exhaustion, fatigue, and pain. 

VIA Health Group in Canton, Ohio, is well-versed in sleep apnea and its interrelated conditions and effects. As a certified craniofacial sleep medicine provider, Dr. Jeff Danner is in the best possible position to correctly identify and acknowledge patients’ struggles with diabetes and sleep apnea. This connection is often and easily overlooked at other providers’ offices. When the actual source or factors responsible for diabetes are addressed, patients who also struggled to keep their blood sugar in check can finally consistently and properly manage their diabetes. 

Managing diabetes and OSA 

An accurate diagnosis based on a thorough evaluation informs treatment that gets actual results. For some doctors, the answer is CPAP therapy. CPAP is considered the “standard” for treating obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). It works by delivering continuous positive airway pressure through a hose attached to a nasal mask worn by the patient while sleeping. This treatment then ensures constant airflow, and the airway remains open. Patients are no longer starved of oxygen due to a narrowed airway or blockages in the flow of air while they are relaxed during sleep. In other cases, surgical intervention may be recommended to alter or reposition the jaw. Of course, any surgery carries a risk of complications and is invasive. 

As an alternative to CPAP therapy and surgical techniques, at VIA Health Group, we may recommend revolutionary Vivos® oral appliance therapy. This method stands apart favorably even from other types of oral appliances for snoring and sleep apnea. Other devices merely move the jaw to reposition the tongue and other tissues that can block the airway. Vivos® is different; it actually treats the underlying cause of OSA by encouraging the body to correct or remodel the structure around the airway. 

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