A guide to sleep apnea treatment with the Vivos® Method

VIA Health Group is dedicated to evaluating and treating sleep-related breathing disorders. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is one of the most common and serious of these disorders. Fortunately, our team in Canton, Ohio, is 100% focused on identifying and delivering safe and effective dental solutions for this medical problem. So, individuals with sleep apnea can enjoy quality, truly restorative rest again and can avoid potentially life-altering complications. 

Vivos® Treatment 

Vivos® presents an alternative to CPAP therapy and invasive surgical procedures. It may be appropriate for patients with mild to moderate sleep apnea and those who snore. Of course, all treatments start with a thorough sleep assessment and a comprehensive evaluation by our Vivos-trained dentist, Dr. Jeff Danner. Dr. Danner is also a craniofacial sleep medicine-certified provider. So, patients travel from near and far for his expertise in diagnosing and resolving sleep-disordered breathing and related conditions. 

The Vivos® method involves using non-invasive, oral appliance technologies to get to the root of OSA and snoring: dentofacial abnormalities. These anatomical abnormalities, most often underdeveloped mouths and jaws, can lead to undersized airways. When this happens, the tongue tends to fall into the back of the throat. The airway then narrows or collapses, especially when patients are relaxed (during sleep). 

Vivos® oral appliances are designed actually to reshape and expand the oral cavity (mouth). Accordingly, the airway also opens up. In turn, Vivos® patients can breathe uninterrupted and sleep well throughout the night. No two treatment plans are exactly alike. Vivos® offers different oral devices, which Dr. Danner will prescribe to account for your needs. For instance, a mandibular advancement device refers to repositioning the mandible or lower jaw. The Vivos® mandibular repositioning nighttime appliance, as it’s called, slips into the mouth and places consistent, gentle force on the jaw to shift its position. Gradually, this process moves the mandible to open up the airway. Breathing is unimpeded. 

Alternately, Vivos® DNA (daytime-nighttime appliance) is designed with the same principles in mind; it places gentle, consistent pressure on the palate (roof) of the mouth. When worn as directed by your dentist, the palate is expanded, and the jaw is reshaped. Likewise, airway size is increased. So, you can breathe in a healthy, easy, natural manner. 

Our patients appreciate that Vivos® treatment is:

  • Easy to use and easy to wear fast – Vivos Therapeutics reports the average treatment time is 18 months 
  • Not a lifetime commitment – nightly wear for perpetuity is not required! 
  • A “true” treatment that gets lasting results, as it resolves the anatomical abnormalities at the heart of sleep-disordered breathing

Discover these and many other benefits of Vivos®. Call (330) 915-3390 for more details and to schedule an appointment at VIA Health Group in Canton, OH.


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