Patients Who Didn’t Know Their Dental Problems Were Caused By Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea may be to blame for your persistent daytime fatigue, frequent headaches, depressed mood, and habitual snoring. These and many other symptoms that affect the quality of your life are associated with sleep-disordered breathing. Fortunately, VIA Health Group in Canton, Ohio, specializes in evaluating and treating apnea and other related conditions. With our range of oral appliance treatments and other sophisticated therapies, we can resolve these symptoms once and for all and help you avoid serious complications. After all, untreated Obstructive Sleep Apnea takes a significant toll on your heart and other organs.

“I told her we could straighten her teeth, but the question was, why is this happening in the first place?” Dr. Danner

Sleep Apnea Was Shifting Her Teeth

A young lady came to me because she wasn’t pleased with how her smile was changing. She had braces as a child and her teeth generally looked straight, but she didn’t like the space developing between two teeth. She wanted it fixed and thought braces or clear aligners would be the way to go.

I told her we could straighten her teeth, but the question was, why is this happening in the first place? I had a suspicion why, but needed to ask more questions. Do you sleep well? “Well, I fall asleep”. Do you get up a lot? “Yes, I get up a lot at night”. Do you wake up with headaches? “Yes, I do wake up with morning headaches. Do you get tired throughout the day? “Yeah, I do. I get pretty tired”.

I could see some wear patterns on her teeth while she spoke. Do you grind your teeth? “Yeah, I grind my teeth at night and then my face is sore in the morning, and sometimes during the day it gets even worse”.

Are you aware of snoring? “Yes”. If you’re snoring, that means that there’s not enough space for air to pass through. There’s a good chance that while you’re asleep, you’re waking up gasping. “Yes! I do gasp when I wake up. I feel like I’m choking!”.

This young lady came in with a dental problem, but we soon discovered she really had an airway problem. She had no idea.


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